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This blog is used to advertise courses that have been pre-approved to receive PA SFI continuing education credits. If you would like us to consider offering PA SFI continuing education for your upcoming training event, and, if approved, have the event posted to our blog, please submit a thorough description of the training, including the following:
  • Date/time
  • Location
  • Course agenda
  • Summary of topics to be covered
  • Speakers
  • Registration information (contact, cost, deadline, etc.)
to the Pennsylvania SFI office for review

Mail:     Pennsylvania Sustainable Forestry Initiative
            Attn: Chuck Coup
            211 Barrington Lane
            Bellefonte, PA 16823

Fax:     (814) 355-1022

The PA SFI Professional Timber Harvester Training Program is designed to improve the safety, professionalism and environmental awareness of Pennsylvania Timber Harvesters. In order to be approved, training content for submitted courses must address one of the following:
  • awareness of sustainable forestry principles and the
    SFI program;
  • best management practices, including streamside
    management and road construction, maintenance
    and retirement;
  • reforestation, invasive exotic plants and animals, forest
    resource conservation, aesthetics, and special sites;
  • awareness of responsibilities under the U.S.
    Endangered Species Act, the Canadian Species at Risk
    Act, and other measures to protect wildlife habitat
    (e.g. Forests with Exceptional Conservation Value);
  • logging safety;
  • U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    (OSHA) and Canadian Centre for Occupational Health
    and Safety (COHS) regulations, wage and hour rules,
    and other provincial, state and local employment laws;
  •  transportation issues;
  • business management;
  • public policy and outreach; and
  • awareness of emerging technologies
Individuals interested in receiving PA SFI continuing education credit for participating in your training will need to complete a copy of the Non-SFI Course C.E. credit form and submit it to the PA SFI office.

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